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The SOM Service Catalog has information about our SOM services and offerings, as well as our knowledge articles.  You can find information about service features, the intended audience, and how to access it as well as related SOM or University policies and procedures.  

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Support and Computing category includes the ITS Service Desk, and all the support you may need for desktops, laptops, mobile devices, printers, and software downloads.

If this is what you are looking for, visit the Support and Computing page directly

Support and Computing

The SOM IT Service Desk maintains a wide variety of knowledge articles and is the first place to start when you need assistance with any of the IT Services. Their offerings include a walk-in center, support via phone, email and you can also schedule assistance directly to your desk side if needed.

The Desktop and Laptops service helps you order, setup, configure, install software and back-up your devices. In addition, you can find the device loaner program here as well.

The Mobile Device service will provide purchase support, setup and configuration assistance, and general help with your mobile device. You can also use this service if you are expecting to travel internationally and need your plan modified to support your communication needs.

The ITS Software Library provides the Yale community with a simple way to download software that is already licensed for use. You can find the Yale Software Library here. In addition, SOM provides downloads for courses specific to incoming student classes. You will find links to those here

The Printing Service is designed to help you with all your printing needs. We provide assistance in ordering and setup of personal printers in addition to supporting the SOM shared printing service, and the University high volume print services.

The Media services offerings cover the podium support for faculty and lectures, panel discussions, live conferences, webinars, as well as television network and radio broadcast. 

If this is what you are looking for, visit the Media Services page directly

Media Services

Many of the SOM auditoriums and classrooms are designed for capturing the lectures given by faculty. The standard static shot recording is available, or if you have a special presentation with complex media or multiple speakers, we can arrange a follow-shot recording with notice. *If you are requesting a lecture capture for a course that request must go through Faculty Support  in order to be processed. Email:

Classroom podium supports the faculty and lecture teaching experience. Whether its a quick start to check equipment before the start of a class, a special setup for a panel discussion or a dedicated technician needed for complex media presentations, SOM IT Media Services can help.

SOM often hosts or participates in live conferences. Whether you have a need to broadcast out as a live stream, or accepting incoming comments via chat in a webinar, or need support for a full two-way conference, our live conference support team has the technology ready. These service offerings support our mission to engage globally

When one of your events call for Translation technology, or you expect an event to overflow, or simply need background music during an event opening, we have those additional supporting offerings here.

The esteemed faculty of SOM are often called upon to participate in live network broadcasts. We have a live broadcast studio in addition to the ability to participate in live or recorded radio broadcasts. These service offerings support our ability to join the global discussion.

You will find all the things you need for getting started with your Yale NetID, password, and network access (both wired and wireless). We also have services for accessing the network from off campus through Virtual Private Network software (VPN) and using Multi-factor authentication (MFA). You will also find the University and SOM directories listings here.

If this is what you are looking for, visit the Accounts and Access page directly

Accounts and Access

Yale NetID, Passwords & Multi-Factor Authentication

Your NetID and password grant access to the campus network and many University systems, such as YaleSecure wifi, VPN, and printers. Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is an additional security measure to protect your intellectual property, personal information, and Yale's data. Learn all about these important authentication services here

Connecting to the Network on Campus

Members of the University must use ensure they are connecting to Yale network resources securely. Connecting through the network, whether you are off-campus on on campus, wired or wireless, requires you to select a secure solution. The services in this group will ensure you are connecting securely with all your devices

University and SOM Directories

The University and SOM directories will assist you in finding your colleagues and department contacts. You can find them all here.

This suite of services includes eMail, messaging, file sharing, file transfer, room reservations, personal conferencing solutions and specialty tools for projects and teams

If this is what you are looking for, visit the Communications and Collaboration service page directly

Communication and Collaboration

eMail and Messaging

Email and messaging services are available to anyone in the SOM community. E-mail lists and advice for students commencing or those in transition with joint degrees are some included topics.

Room Reservations & Event Registrations

If you need to book space in any of the SOM facilities, you can use our room reservation system.

Document Sharing and Storage

The document sharing and storage service allows you to store your documents in a location that is backed-up and available to more than one device. You can also use these services to share your content to collaborate with a group or team. There are several solutions that will meet your needs, check them out and select the one that is right for you and your team.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a cloud-based collaboration hub that provides both individuals and groups easy access to tools for chat, video conferencing, file storage, document sharing, scheduling and task management. It ties together all the applications available in the Office 365 application suite as well as providing the ability to integrate with a host of third-party solutions via apps and connectors.

Personal Video Conferencing and Chat

Individuals who are looking for personal video conference solutions so they can attend meetings remotely or have point to point remote sessions can use the Yale ITS University Zoom service.

Surveys with QualtricsYale SOM has a subscription to Qualtrics, an online platform for creating, sending and managing surveys.

SOM Digital Displays and Conference Room Displays

The SOM digital displays enable SOM community to help keep everyone abreast of current information. There are also conference room displays in use throughout the SOM campus that use Solstice Wireless Screen Sharing. You can learn about those services here.

SOM IT provides research computing needs for complex and computational analysis and statistics, including cluster computing

If this is what you are looking for, visit the Research Computing Services page directly

Research Computing Services

Getting Started with the SOM HPC ClusterSOM is implementing a new HPC cluster with much greater capabilities compared to our existing research cluster.  Currently, the HPC cluster consists of eight compute nodes, each running dual AMD EPYC 7702 processors (128 cores), 512 GB of RAM, and 3 NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 GPUs. Totals for the cluster include 1024 CPU Cores, 4 TB of RAM, and 24 GPUs. For more about this emerging research service click here.

You will find the SOM Research and Statistics support services here, including on-boarding information, general support and frequently asked questions

SOM Custom Research ApplicationsSOM IT supports the faculty in a variety of ways, including creating custom data structures, databases, and applications to administer the structure, collect and input the data, and contextually display it.

Research Data and GovernanceThe SOM Research Computing committee governs the purchase of data for the SOM Community so that the benefit is maximized to the entire school. You can also find the list of data sets SOM already has access to for research purposes.

Center for Science and Social Science Information (CSSSI)

A service outside of SOM at Yale is The Center for Science and Social Science Information (CSSSI). CSSSI is located in the Kline Biology Tower and provides Yale faculty, students, and staff with state-of-the-art information services in a technology-rich environment. It is designed to provide easily accessible support for science, social science and interdisciplinary researchers. This is part of the University Library System, they provide tutoring and workshops which may be useful to the SOM research community.

The Yale Center for Research Computing (YCRC)Another resource available to the research community is The Yale Center for Research Computing (YCRC), a component of the Provost’s Office, which supports an interdisciplinary approach to the development and application of advanced computing and data processing technology throughout the research community. It offers High Performance Computing as well for which you would need an additional account, and jobs are queued. Contact us for a discussion on whether your project would be suitable for this environment.

Surveys with Qualtrics

Yale SOM has a subscription to Qualtrics, an online platform for creating, sending and managing surveys.

The SOM Information Technology provides access to a variety of teaching services and tools, available to members of the SOM teaching faculty. Including access to Canvas, Moblab, links to the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning as well technology for to take attendance. Learning services for students include Mango Languages, Bloomberg, Gartner, TurnItIn, Morningstar, financial subscription journals and more

If this what you are looking for, visit the Teaching tools page directly

Teaching Services and Tools

Faculty Resources from the Deputy Deans OfficeThe Deputy Deans Office provides information and guidance on Faculty Panels, Workshops, Teaching Tpis and Research.  You can find this information which was previously on the SOM Portal here with other Teaching Resources, Services and Tools

Instructors have a variety of options for creating an online presence for their courses at Canvas@Yale, a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) designed to support teaching and learning. This is the standard for course management at Yale.

Hosting Applications via CitrixCitrix is the SOM application and desktop virtualization platform. If there is complex software that should be served to the SOM students and is challenging to install on desktops or laptops, it can be served to that community via Citrix virtual service. If a faculty member licenses a special set of software or applications for their couse, you can request it being added to the Citrix virtual service platform by eMailing Turnaround time to have the software installed on the Citrix platform is two weeks.

WarpWireWarpwire makes video organizingcapturingsharing, and analytics simple. It also integrates with Canvas our Learning Management System (LMS)

Media Library

The Media Library tool is designed to enable instructors, TFs or project site maintainers to upload audio and video files that will be streamed to students and other participants in their Canvas course or project sites. The tool also enables these users to record lectures, create video assignments, and organize content in folders for individual or departmental use.

Attendance with CardswiprAttendance for an event can be taken with the swipe of a card, if the event is a Yale event and you expect all the attendees to have their Yale ID

Yale Center for Teaching and Learning

The Yale Center for Teaching and Learning promotes equitable and engaged teaching throughout the University, and supports students across the curriculum as they take ownership of their learning.


MobLab brings interactive games and experiment-based learning to economics, management, and the social sciences in general. Moblab can be added to your Canvas course as well.

Surveys with QualtricsYale SOM has a subscription to Qualtrics, an online platform for creating, sending and managing surveys.

CoursePressYale CoursePress is a WordPress platform offered by Center for Teaching and Learning. It is for students and faculty who need a flexible, online platform to help them with their academic work. You can learn more about this service here

Classes*v2 is a locally hosted and managed learning management system. In Fall 2017, Yale began the transition to Canvas as the new learning management system.  Classes*v2 will remain available for reference purposes until May 2019.

You can learn more about this Yale legacy teaching platform here.

Attendance with Signup Sheets

Simple sign up sheet attendance tracking for events that may be remote or mixed Yale and public audiences.

The Stock Market GameCreated by Roger Ibbotson and Daniel Kim, The Stock Market game is played in specific SOM Courses and events.

Z-TreeZ-Tree (Zurich Toolbox for Ready made Economic Experiments) was designed by Urs Fischbacher, it is an easy to learn programming language for experiments, and is used at SOM.  In a computerized experiment, an experimentor and a number of subjects need to communicate with one another, Z-tree allow for this in a teaching environment.

If this is what you are looking for, visit the Learning tools page directly

Learning Services and Tools

Student InformationSOM IT has some advice for incoming students and those who have commenced. You can find the information here on Students Getting Started for those joining SOM, and information for Students Commencing for those who have completed their studies

Course AuctionThe Course Auction is an online bidding application that SOM Students use to select their electives

Non SOM Student EnrollmentFeature of the Course Auction that allows Yale students to request shopper access to SOM Courses and feeds that information to Canvas

Student VotingThe Yale SOM Student Government is the principal means by which students collectively shape their SOM experience and the experience of future classes and is the chief voice of the students to advise administration on student issues and develop thoughtful solutions.

YPFS Case StudiesThe Yale Program on Financial Stability provides case studies as part of the Masters of Management (MAM) in Systemic Risk. Once registered for this service, you can access the directory of case studies

Image result for noun project icon for library books

CASESThe Case Research & Development Team develops online and offline pedagogical materials for the school's integrated curriculum. All case studies are freely available to Yale faculty, students, and staff with a NetID.

LinkedIn LearningLinkedIn Learning is an online subscription library that teaches the latest software tools and skills through high-quality instructional videos taught by recognized industry experts.

TurningPointTurningPoint is a student response system for polling and engaging students in the classroom.

Turn it in (TurnItIn)TurnItIn is an anti-plagurism reporting system to help ensure your work is original

Learn to speak new languages and meet new cultures through Yale SOM's Mango Language platform.

Surveys with QualtricsYale SOM has a subscription to Qualtrics, an online platform for creating, sending and managing surveys.

Gartner GroupYale University has a NetID based subscription to The Gartner Group industry research and magic quadrants.

Subscription JournalsSubscriptions to the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, and The Economist are all available through SOM. These are provided by Academic Affairs and Student Life

Bloomberg TerminalsBloomberg terminals provides real-time and historical financial market & economic data, with international coverage of all sectors. Use it to find company financials, stock market indices, news, analyst reports, and much more.  Terminals are in specified locations and are free to use


MobLab brings interactive games and experiment-based learning to economics, management, and the social sciences in general. is a open-source software project that aims to collect comments about statements made in any web-accessible content, and filter and rank those comments to assess each statement's credibility.

FactSetFactSet is a tool which provides investors with the tools needed to convert financial raw data into information that can be used in financial analysis and financial reporting. Common uses of FactSet applications are: debt & equity analysis, real-time market observation & tracking, industry analysis, and portfolio tracking. This is managed by the Library but paid for by SOM

Analyst ReportsIn partial fulfillment of the requirements for the MBA degree at the Yale School of Management, students in the Security Analysis course produce industry and company valuation reports and guides.  The information is later published for review by the public at large.

Other Program Specific SoftwareThere are many SOM Program Specific applications that are made available. Students are notified about the need to use them or enroll in them as part of their program studies.

If this is what you are looking for, visit the Career Services page directly

Career Services

The Yale Career Development Office has a new portal available for students for all CDO related activity and news.   You can find that at

12Twenty12Twenty is a career management system (CMS) used by the SOM comunity. You can read more about this offering here.

Data, Process and Reporting

SOM provides data and reporting tools to meet your business intelligence needs, whether you need access to data sources, or support with reporting, we can assist!

If this is what you are looking for, visit the Data, Process and Reporting page directly

Data, Process and Reporting

SOM and the data generated throughout the University and SOM is one of its most valuable assets. SOM maintains data management policies, procedures, and processes to ensure it remains accurate, secure, accessible, and usable for a variety of SOM community services.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the tools, technologies, applications and practices used to collect, integrate, analyze, and present an organization's raw data in order to create insightful and actionable business information.  SOM IT provides support for this function

Process Improvement and SupportProcess Improvement and Support service will help your department define, document and refine its processes, accountabilities, inputs and outputs.  Part of the processes we have in place at SOM IT include service introduction and service improvement.  Here you can request assistance for process support for your department.

Applications and Web Services

Web support can be found here whether it's alumni pages, club pages, personal pages or general support along with custom application services for faculty if their teaching requirements bring new computing applications into the SOM landscape.

If this is what you are looking for, visit the Applications and Web Services page directly

Application and Web Services

If you have a custom application need to support teaching and learning which requires integration with SOM data and services, look here to get started

Services are available for person web site, club web sites, and alumni chapter web sites. You can request a site and get support for websites here.

Technical Services for IT and Developers

Technical Services for Developers are the infrastructure services not commonly requested by the end user community, but by those setting up new services, managing a current service and its capacity, or assisting a faculty member of installing a custom developed solution.

If this is what you are looking for, visit the Technical Services for IT and Developers page directly

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