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Classes*v2 is officially inaccessible to faculty and students. now redirects to Poorvu Center staff have admin credentials to login to classes*v2.

Classes*v2, the predecessor to CANVAS has been re-branded as the v2*Vault.  It is a legacy LMS which is maintained for archival purposes at this time.


What is V2*Vault?

The v2*Vault is a repository storing all courses taught in Classes*v2 from Fall 2005 - Spring 2017. This repository will be available until May 31, 2019 for all faculty to access old course sites. Instructors can use the v2*Vault keep a copy of old Classes*v2 course materials.

When you log into the v2*Vault, you will still have access to all course sites you had in Classes*v2.  You will continue to have access to your sites until the v2*Vault is officially decommissioned and shut down on May 31, 2019.

During the summer of 2017, many of the teaching materials for your past courses were transferred to Canvas -- however, you many still want to retain a copy for your own records before the v2*Vault is decommissioned.  To assist you with this process, we have installed a new tool into each of your course sites called the “Course Archiver Tool”.

The Course Archiver Tool allows you to select the type of content you want to keep from your course and then generates a downloadable ZIP file archive.  Your archive can include any of your faculty contributed content (i.e. Announcements, Files, etc...) as well as a copy of your class roster (with photos!) and your course gradebook** (useful when you are asked to write recommendations).

Student data can be requested by filling out the Student Data Archive Request. This form is located on the same page as the Course Archiver Tool.

Please refer to our v2*Vault Instructor Guide to find out more about the v2*Vault and the Course Archiver Tool.  If you have any questions at all, please email us at or

** NOTE: The gradebook included in your archive is what you maintained in Classes*v2 and not the official Faculty Grading System grades.

If a Faculty administrator is requesting access to a classes V2 archived course then the instructor should write to to request this type of access


The following documentation is maintained for historical purposes:

Classes V2 is a collaboration tool that allows students and teachers to communicate and track assignments, view calendars and shared files, as well as offering various other tools such as discussion boards.

  1. Accessing Classes V2:
    1. Classes V2 can be accessed through entering in a web browser. It can be used in Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.
    2. It can also be accessed through the link on the left side of the page in the student portal
  2. The Tabs across the top of the Classes V2 page allow you to select which course you will be navigating.

  1. The Navigation Tools on the left side of the page in Classes V2 allow navigation to the different areas within the program.
    1. The Home link will bring you to a brief overview of current announcements, discussion posts or chat messages.
    2. The Schedule link will display any assignment deadlines or activities that have been posted by instructors or group leaders.
    3. The Announcements link is where instructors and group leaders will post up to the minute news and reminders. Within the Announcements page you can click on the blue title to read the full announcement.
    4. Resources will allow you to save any type of file within the My Workspace area. Only you will be able to see files that are stored within the resources area within My Workspace. When selecting the Class tab then Resources, you will be able to see any files that have been added by the professor or staff.
    5. Each site has an automatically generated email address which you can view via the Email Archive tool. Email you send to the site email address is copied to the email addresses of all site participants and owners. All messages sent to your site's email address are stored in the Email Archive.
    6. Site Info will display the site's main contact person and their email address.
    7. Occasionally, additional tools will be displayed for certain courses within the Navigation Tools area.
    8. If you have questions about additional navigation tools or any other Classes V2 related questions, there is an extensive online help library which can be accessed via the button on the upper right side of the page or you can contact the SOM Help Desk: 203.432.7777 / and choose Classes V2 Assistance.

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